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Glossary of exam terms

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Have you ever wondered what certain words and phrases in exam context mean? Cambridge ESOL has compiled a glossary to help you. Amongst many others the following terms are included there as well:

  • Cloze test: a type of gap-filling task (sentence or text) in which whole words have been removed, and which candidates must replace. A multiple-choice cloze supplies three or four options, of which only one is correct. An open cloze does not supply any possible answers.
  • Cohesion/cohesive: the way spoken or written texts are joined together with logical grammar or lexis, e.g. conjunctions (Firstly, secondly), lexical sets, reference words (it, them, this)
  • Discourse management: discourse management refers to the extent, relevance, coherence and cohesion of speech.
  • Paraphrase: to give the meaning of something using different words
  • Prompt:  the information in a task which indicates what candidates must produce. E.g. in a form-filling task, the subheadings; in a Writing task, the content points; in a Speaking task, a picture.
  • Register: the tone of a piece of writing. The register should be appropriate for the task and target reader, e.g. a letter of application is written in a formal register.
  • Scan: to read a text quickly to pick out specific information, e.g. finding a phone number in a phone book
  • Skim: to read a text quickly to get a general idea of what it is about

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July 30, 2012 at 8:08 am

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