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Linzi Guo talks about her personal experience with Cambridge English: Advanced

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Linzi Guo from Berlin passed the Cambridge English: Advanced successfully and told us about her experience.

Ever since the “Cambridge Course” was introduced at my school by Mr Matczak, I knew immediately that I wanted to be part of that project. Not only was I sure of the fact that it would improve my vocabulary and my writing skills, but I also needed an English certificate to meet the English language requirements for the English-speaking universities I was going to apply for.

During the first weeks my self-assurance sank from lesson to lesson. I could barely stand out in the course. Every part of the test (Reading, Writing, Use of English, Speaking and Listening) was much harder than I initially assumed. I asked myself: How in the world am I going to succeed? At that point the CAE test seemed like a huge montain I would never be able to climb. But I pulled myself together. I noticed that the course was not enough. Hence I told myself I had to do more exercises at home and so I did with a great deal of eagerness and motivation.

When the big day arrived, I was not nervous at all. Why be nervous if you had plenty of practice? The examination itself was quite long however. The hard work eventually paid off with overwhelming results. I could not have been a happier person.

Later on I recognised that accomplishing the test had much more advantages. First of all, you stand out in your own class. Furthermore, the admission office UCAS credits 70 points for grade A, which leads to a higher chance of getting an offer. German universities, as well as employers, appreciate it if you can show evidence of remarkable English skills, especially for business and management. Last but not least, you learn that if you are ready to accept a difficult challenge and work hard for it, nothing is impossible.”

Congratulations to Linzi!

Written by cambridgeenglishde

August 21, 2012 at 7:44 am

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