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5 Teaching Challenges – Get new, practical ideas for your teaching!

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Teacher Challenge

Choose a challenge:

Create a professional development plan that works for you

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is about improving your teaching knowledge and developing your teaching skills. In this Challenge, you will learn more about professional development, your strengths as a teacher and identify areas you want to work on.

Find new ways to motivate your learners

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A classroom with learners who are enthusiastic and motivated is a place where learning will take place. It is an exciting place for teachers and students to be. In this Challenge, you will learn more about theories of motivation, find out what motivates your learners, and plan new activities to use with your students.

Find new ways to identify and correct your learners’ mistakes

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Making mistakes is an important part of language learning. Students make mistakes when they are practising and experimenting with language. In this Challenge, you will learn more about the causes and types of error, practise identifying and analysing learners’ mistakes, and find out about new correction techniques.

Be more confident using digital resources

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Digital resources can help you to make lessons more interactive and learner-centred. In this Challenge, you will learn more about digital skills, the kinds of digital resources you can use, and plan new activities that use digital resources.

Grow your confidence using English in class

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Using English in class shows learners that English is a real, living language. It maximises your students’ contact with English, helping them to increase their vocabulary, accuracy and knowledge about language. In this Challenge, you will learn more about using English in class, decide on the areas of your English that you want to improve, and select activities that will help you to use English more in class.

How the Challenges work

With each Challenge, you explore a key area of teaching in five simple steps. Each step takes just 1–2 hours to complete. Each week, we’ll email you a new step, with links to all the videos, articles and resources you need to complete it.

You can do as many Challenges as you like, and in any order. We recommend you do one at a time. Then, if you like, you can start another Challenge!

We will send you a Record of Achievement when you finish all five steps of your Challenge. You can complete this and add it to your professional development portfolio.

Share your experiences

Use Twitter or Facebook to tell everyone about your progress. Challenge friends and colleagues to take part and share your achievements:

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April 20, 2015 at 7:04 am

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