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Top tips for improving your English

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Top tips for improving your English

We asked a few of our colleagues for their personal tips for improving English language skills. Here they are:

  • Kerstin Großmann, Head of Network Services: “I learned English years ago when teaching was less communicative. In addition to formal classroom teaching I always found it extremely useful to read in English as well as to watch movies in English or listen to the radio. The highlights, however, were my annual trips to the United Kingdom, where I could practice what I had learned. I think that the most important thing is to get exposed to the language people use in real life and to experience that you can actually function in the foreign language.”
  • Corinna Korthaus, Office Administrator: “For me personally it helps to watch movies, news or even game shows in the target language. While watching a movie, sometimes I also set up subtitles in the language I want to learn, so I’m able to cover two parts of the four language competencies – listening and reading. Yes, reading books, newspapers, magazines all definitely help! These are not only useful to broaden your vocabulary but also to acquire a sense for different linguistic styles which in turn helps for mastering the third element within the language competence model – writing. Additionally, as speaking is always the hardest part in learning a language because one thinks it has to be all so fluent and correct. My tip: Just go out there and speak, and don’t think too much about grammar! “
  • Elle Chen, Intern: “Reading out loud helps. You can practice your pronunciation while training your ear, and somehow you can get the meaning of some words without looking up in the dictionary!”
  • Simona Petrescu, Development Support Manager: “Try to talk to yourself in English. For instance, when you make your shopping list or when you think back of a meeting or a discussion you have had. Simply to try to put your thoughts in English and say them aloud. People usually think that only “crazy people” have this habit, but research into language learning shows that speaking your thoughts aloud to yourself in a foreign language can help you make the progress that many lesson hours cannot achieve.”
  • Alistair Starling, Regional Director: “Watch your favourite DVD Series in English language with English subtitles. You’ll soon see that you are highly motivated to understand every scene, and it will only get easier and easier (the more series you watch)! I know!”
  • Manuela Richter, Marketing Manager: “Use every opportunity to practise English with other people. Join events at which English is the main language, attend English Reading Groups or try to find a tandem partner. The latter can also be done online. What also helps a great deal: Get yourself a boyfriend/girlfriend who is English :-)”
  • Gillian-Horton Krüger, Head of Assessment Services: “Listening to songs in the language you are learning, reading the song lyrics, singing along with them and singing them alone (though maybe not on the train or bus 🙂 ) is a great multi-sensory approach. Great for internalising structures and learning new vocabulary, and equally good for de-stressing from the day job. Maybe you could form a choir!”
  • Aleksandra Kuhn, Development Support Manager: “Agree with a group of friends that you will always send each other text messages in English. Have regular days on which you only speak English to chosen family members and friends. Also, try to regularly post to your Timeline on Facebook in both languages, English and your mother tongue :-)”

And one final tip: Register for a Cambridge English exam! Preparing for an exam definitely helps you to improve your English!

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October 7, 2015 at 3:06 pm

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  1. Nice examples, Thanks.

    Take a look at my post: ’20 tips to improve your English’

    André C. Costa

    October 21, 2015 at 3:33 am

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