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Checklist to improve writing at level C1

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Checklist Writing level C1

When writing any text it is useful to have a checklist to refer to. This checklist can be used for any piece of writing, as well as exam practice. This checklist is useful for English learners who have a C1 level of English and it relates to the Cambridge English C1 Assessment Scale, which our examiners use when they assess writing.

To assess a piece of writing, examiners consider these four things, called subscales:
  • Content: How well the task has been completed; for example, has all the important information been included in the piece of writing?
  • Communicative Achievement: How appropriate the writing is in terms of genre; for example, what sort of text do you have to produce –a letter, a report, a review, an essay? Does the text communicate the ideas appropriately and effectively to the target reader?
  • Organisation: The way the text is organised; for example, are the ideas presented coherently and are they connected through the text across sentences and paragraphs?
  • Language: Vocabulary and grammar; for example, is there a range of vocabulary and grammatical structures and how accurately are they used?

The detailed checklist can be found here.


Written by cambridgeenglishde

February 22, 2016 at 9:45 am

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