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Welcome to Weekly – the exam preparation planner for teachers

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Welcome to Weekly – the exam preparation planner for teachers!

Save time and effort and let Cambridge English create your free, personalised exam preparation plans, with additional teacher support.

Start now!

Weekly is currently a BETA product. Please note – in the current BETA phase, only Cambridge English: First for Schools is available.

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May 17, 2016 at 1:07 pm

Top tips for exam preparation

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Top exam preparation tips

We asked our colleagues in the Northern Europe team who passed Cambridge English exams for their top exam preparation tips. We hope that you will find them useful. Good luck for your exam preparation!

EwaEwa Fountain (Cambridge English: Proficiency), Office Administrator Warsaw: “I remember I was very enthusiastic about learning English, I completely immersed myself in every aspect of the culture. Mind you, at the time I was staying in Cambridge so it was easier for me, I guess. I read a lot of authentic texts, copied many useful phrases into my notebook with translation next to it. I watched lots of TV programmes, read books, newspapers, listened to the radio. The language surrounded me. I recall that I approached the learning with a lot of zest and everything sunk in a lot quicker. I also followed a Proficiency course at a private language academy for 12 weeks prior to taking the test, which obviously helped a lot too.”

KGKerstin Großmann (Cambridge English: First, Cambridge English: Proficiency), Head of Network Services Berlin: “I sat Cambridge English: First and Cambridge English: Proficiency a long time ago, but I still remember that I found the following really useful: Once I was confident that I had reached the language level in all the skills tested I did a couple of practice tests to get used to the test format and the timing. I would also recommend getting as much exposure to the language as possible: reading in English, watching English movies (making sure that these include different accents, e.g. American English or different dialects) or the news, listening to the English language and trying to speak to as many people in English as possible. Once I started dreaming in English I was confident that I was ready to take the exam!”

SimonaSimona Petrescu (Cambridge English: Proficiency), Development Support Manager Germany: “When you check your answers and find your mistakes, try to think of what tactics you could use next time to improve your score. For instance, when I was preparing for Cambridge English: Proficiency and doing practice tests, I noticed that in the vocabulary multiple choice tasks, which were really very tricky, it helped me to pick the word I didn’t know at all if I felt that none of the other three choices were 100% accurate. In one respect this was just a tactic, a trick, but I think it also helped me to focus more on the new words and want to find out more about them. Another example: when comparing my writing with the official answers I noticed that my sentences tended to be too elaborate and that I tended to get carried away by an idea to the disadvantage of the text organisation, which made me lose marks. So my tactic next time was to use the full stop more often.”

MRManuela Richter (Cambridge English: First, Cambridge English: Business Higher), Marketing Manager Berlin: “When I prepared for the Cambridge English: Business Higher I attended a weekly course for three months. This helped me to practice speaking and writing in a business context and also guaranteed proper feedback which I would not have received when studying alone at home.”

On our website you will find a wide range of free learning resources and official exam preparation materials to help you develop your language skills and prepare you for your exam.

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November 23, 2015 at 8:23 am

8 Top Tips for Cambridge English Exam Preparation

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Cambridge English Exam Preparation

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August 24, 2015 at 6:30 am

Linzi Guo talks about her personal experience with Cambridge English: Advanced

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Linzi Guo from Berlin passed the Cambridge English: Advanced successfully and told us about her experience.

Ever since the “Cambridge Course” was introduced at my school by Mr Matczak, I knew immediately that I wanted to be part of that project. Not only was I sure of the fact that it would improve my vocabulary and my writing skills, but I also needed an English certificate to meet the English language requirements for the English-speaking universities I was going to apply for.

During the first weeks my self-assurance sank from lesson to lesson. I could barely stand out in the course. Every part of the test (Reading, Writing, Use of English, Speaking and Listening) was much harder than I initially assumed. I asked myself: How in the world am I going to succeed? At that point the CAE test seemed like a huge montain I would never be able to climb. But I pulled myself together. I noticed that the course was not enough. Hence I told myself I had to do more exercises at home and so I did with a great deal of eagerness and motivation.

When the big day arrived, I was not nervous at all. Why be nervous if you had plenty of practice? The examination itself was quite long however. The hard work eventually paid off with overwhelming results. I could not have been a happier person.

Later on I recognised that accomplishing the test had much more advantages. First of all, you stand out in your own class. Furthermore, the admission office UCAS credits 70 points for grade A, which leads to a higher chance of getting an offer. German universities, as well as employers, appreciate it if you can show evidence of remarkable English skills, especially for business and management. Last but not least, you learn that if you are ready to accept a difficult challenge and work hard for it, nothing is impossible.”

Congratulations to Linzi!

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August 21, 2012 at 7:44 am

Cambridge ESOL Preparation Centres

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Was ist ein Cambridge ESOL Preparation Centre?

Jede Institution, die Kandidaten auf die Cambridge ESOL Prüfungen vorbereitet und deren Kandidaten die Prüfungen im Anschluss in einem autorisierten Prüfungszentrum ablegen, ist ein Cambridge ESOL Preparation Centre.

Was muss ich tun, um Cambridge ESOL Preparation Centre zu werden?

Wenn sie die Vorbereitung auf die Cambridge ESOL Prüfungen planen, dann können Sie Cambridge ESOL  oder das Prüfungszentrum in Ihrer Nähe kontaktieren. Dort erhalten Sie weitere Informationen zur Planung von Vorbereitungskursen. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie sich nicht offiziell registrieren lassen müssen, um Vorbereitungskurse anzubieten.

 Welche Vorteile haben Cambridge ESOL Preparation Centres?

Folgende Vorteile haben Sie:

Weitere Informationen finden Sie nachfolgend.

Welche Vorteile bietet Cambridge ESOL Online for Preparation Centres?

Diese spezielle Website für Preparation Centres bietet folgende Vorteile:

  • Einsichtnahme in Prüfungsergebnisse Ihrer Schüler
  • Zugang zu Werbematerialien
  • 10% Rabatt auf Vorbereitungsmaterialien von Cambridge ESOL
  • Newsletter „From Cambridge ESOL to you“

Sie erhalten den Zugang für diese Website von Ihrem Prüfungszentrum.

Woher erhalte ich das Poster?

Bitte wenden Sie sich an Ihr Prüfungszentrum oder an Cambridge ESOL direkt.

Wie wird meine Schule in der Liste vorbereitender Schulen auf der Website aufgenommen?

Darüber hinaus listen wir Ihre Schule auf unserer Website unter oder der Liste vorbereitender Schulen mit einem Link zu Ihrer Schulwebsite auf. Voraussetzung hierfür ist, dass es sich bei Ihrer Institution um eine staatliche Schule (zum Beispiel Realschule oder Berufsschule) in Deutschland oder Österreich handelt und Sie auf Ihrer Schulwebsite Informationen zu den Cambridge ESOL Prüfungen veröffentlicht haben.

Welche weiteren Anreize für Cambridge ESOL Preparation Centres sind erhältlich?

Preparation Centres, die pro Jahr mindestens 20 Kandidaten in einem autorisierten Prüfungszentrum anmelden, erhalten ein Zertifikat, welches sie als Cambridge ESOL Preparation Centre ausweist. Bitte wenden Sie sich hierzu an Ihr Prüfungszentrum.

Preparation Centres, die pro Jahr mindestens 30 Kandidaten in einem autorisierten Prüfungszentrum anmelden, erhalten ein Logo für die eigene Website. Interessierte Preparation Centres sollten ihr Prüfungszentrum kontaktieren.

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January 26, 2012 at 8:33 am

New Past Paper Packs from 2011 available

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There are seven new 2011 Past Paper Packs for sale on the Cambridge ESOL Online Bookshop:

These exam preparation packs contain everything your students need for authentic exam practice. They cover all the language skills, and the packs are practical too. You can use them lots of time with different classes and the materials are easily and neatly stored in a plastic case. Each pack contains:

  • 10 copies of each of the papers with photocopiable answer sheets
  • CD with audio recordings for the Listening paper
  • comprehensive Teacher Booklet


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